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Luna Eclipse - Collective Choicepoint for Manifestation

Luna Eclipse - Collective Choicepoint for Manifestation

Magenta Pixie Metaphysical Poetry and Storytelling about the Collective Choicepoint for Manifestation coming in November and beyond mixed with Music and Converted to 528HZ

Table of Contents

We Help Each Other Introduction 00:00 - 01:53

Contains Excerpts from the following:

Did you know that the nucleotide sequence of DNA can be converted into music?, Matrix Mastery, September 2023 Libra Equinox

Main Talk 01:53 -26:00

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 28th October 2023 (Collective Choicepoint for Manifestation)

Songs and Clips are from the following:

Matrix Mastery, September 2023 Libra Equinox, Loona- Hijo de la luna (instrumental), Eddie Murphy - Now That's a Fire!; Aurora Krystal Star Healing Meditation Music

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All music is converted to 528HZ