Thank you! Very enlightening! Do you follow @probablyalexandra? She talks about Bernard in one of her recent posts.


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Great read, lots of interesting info that I was unaware of. I like your recipe, it sounds really good, may have to try it out!

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Just watched a lot of videos from the Quit Sugar Summit, and this helps with motivation.

Sugar is addictive and eliminating it can only help heal.

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mmm thank you, brilliant article. I have whole grain oat groats, barley (when I can get it), rye and wheat, plus a bit of oatmeal, sultanas, and flax seeds with water (it gets oaty and creamy enough with the oatmeal.) though I have made my own almond milk in the past. Plus of course a fresh apple, pear, kiwi, peach or some berries.

Cereal is also cooked to really high temperatures to make it crispy so lots of toxic acrylamides which may increase risk of the hormonal cancers.

I love breakfast and find it best to front load the day as much as possible.


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